Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phuket, Thailand

Panoramic view arriving by boat to Phuket:

My first sitings of "lady boys" and "old men with snakes on their heads" (old men with very young Thai women) were here in Phuket. Living in San Francisco, the lady boys aren't much of a surprise except how incredibly gorgeous they are. But the old men with snakes on their heads are sad to see, yet works for them and the women. Besides the taboo part of Thailand, the beaches are pristine, full of tourists and vendors are here too trying to sell you something. The King's 82nd birthday was just a few days away, so we were lucky to catch the Kings Cup boat races in practice. Before we left Phuket, we got a little R & R with pedicures and foot massages. The pedicures I don't suggest, unless you like your ingrown nails ripped down, but the foot massages were to die for.

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