Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

We stayed at the Atlanta hotel in Bangkok, suggested by the Lonely Planet book for affordable lodging. The hotel is full of history and the interior looks as if you stepped back in time to the flapper era or on the set of a "Clue" board game. This hotel advertised clearly "no sex tourists." If you didn't read it on the front of the entry, you would have read it walking to your room, written in there tour guide book and even on their coffee coasters. Even the context in which they posted was in utter disgust and disdain. It was a joke when Tim went inside to get change for the cab and the bell boy ran outside to check if I was a Thai woman he brought back.
We spent a good period of time in MBK, a huge mall of sorts for cheap shopping. In need of winter boots for Europe (our next destination) I unfortunately wasted 400Bht (about $12.00) on a pair that fell apart the next day. *Note to self: Make sure leather is not really pleather!

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