Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learning to Dive in Thailand

For about $420.00, I got my PADI Certification with a package deal for one day in the pool and 2 open water dives at 4 of the most beautiful dive spots. We visited Koh Pi Pi's Bida Nok/Bida Nai and Koh Ha Lagoon & Yai Cave/Cathedral. I've got a small fear of what's beneath the ocean, so conquering my fear was the goal here. In the pool, my gagging reflexes on the regulator were troublesome and taking off the mask and switching to use the alternative air source was working up my anxiety. The day of the dive my stomach was rumbling and I thought I would gag vomit into my regulator, my instructor assured me that I could still clear it out with the purge button and I would be fine. Finally we got up to the deck and I had one hand over the regulator & mask and the other hand held in my SPG & alternative air source and I made a clumsy foot first topple into the water. Our group got together, checked to see that I wasn't having an panic attack and we started to descend. Under the water, it was much calmer and in the clear blue waters the first HUNDRED or so fish started to appear. They were colorful and plenty, a whole new civilization and geography I just then discovered. It was incredible! I didn't once gag the next 2 days and I'm sure the scenery helped in distracting me. I'm officially hooked and conquered my fear and look forward to the new places I can dive!

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