Friday, June 5, 2009

My First Event, The Doggie Dash

The glorified shed we've been building is almost finished and I am impressed with the workmanship and quality that was put into it. Definitely something we all are very proud of and it's starting to shine on the side of our hill.
Living in the country is awesome! I don't think I'll ever tire of our view of the lake in the distant, rolling hills as far as the eyes can see and the storybook sunsets every evening. Also, the country zoo has been exciting on the property too; deer, baby rabbits, 1" frogs, horn toads, coyotes, spiders, lizards, hawks, vultures, quayls and all sorts of other birds. They also tell me scorpions sometimes make into the house and we have to shake out anything on the floor if we pick it up. Yes, I'm worried and will probably freak out the day I see one.
I've been squeezing sewing projects into the schedule as much as possible. My line of product will be on sell for the first time at an SPCA event in Stockton, the Doggie Dash, on June 6th... tomorrow! I've since created 4 quilted blankets with fabric origami appliques, 2 jewelry boxes made from vegetable steamers lined with fabric, 6 dog kimonos in all different color and print combinations, 4 sets of Koi fish earrings, 2 dog pads or floor pillows and today, hopefully I'll finish making dog collars and leashes that are trimmed in printed fabrics. I better get started, but here's some pictures I took.

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