Thursday, May 7, 2009

A New Routine

It's been a week since being laid off and so far it feels like a long weekend. The last day of my job was also the last day of my lease in SF, so I was preoccupied with moving logistics rather than soaking up my last moments in cube-land and saying goodbyes to colleagues.
I now live on a couple of acres atop a beautiful big hill with breathtaking views about 2-3 hours east of SF. True to living the country life, I've been waking up around 7:00am every morning to start my days. I'm helping to build our storage shed and got my first experience grading land, framing and pouring concrete. Doing this kind of work made me so sore, I realized what sitting behind a desk has done to me physically. I feel stronger and I can't wait to see the end result of the shed.
And of course there's sewing going on... I've started working on sewing 4 blankets simultaneously. The fabric is cut and I've been sewing my oribello origami applique flowers on the corner of the blankets. A nice detail to look and feel when wrapped up under the blankets, while watching TV or reading a book.


  1. That is fantastic! I'm so jealous of the simple life you got going on! If you ever need a reviewer, I'd be happy to help! :D

  2. Trading a cube for a couple of acres sounds wonderful and inspiring.. can't wait to hear more details.. The country is so rewarding. It allows you to live life as nature intended, up early, physical demands, fresh foods, sleep when it gets dark. I could use some country.

    and I am loving the blue fabric..