Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Oribello Origami Bag

I sewed all 12 of the Oribello Origami purses in my free time, which didn't amount to much time sewing because it took over a year to do! This is the 2nd batch after 4 trial and error sample purses. I've worn my samples everyday for over a year and a half now and I could fit everything I need inside. At times, I've called my purse the "Bottomless Pit". I've since added a middle divider, an inside pocket button snap and thicker straps. I chose printed fabrics that I truly loved and combined them with complimentary fabrics that showcases the fabric origami squares.


  1. AWESOME!!!

    Love the site! It looks like your hard work bears fruit because your product looks beautiful.

    So how much and who do I need to kill to purchase one of those works of art?

    Love ya sis,


  2. Great Job!
    I never thought that you have the talent for bring so creative and crafty.
    Good Luck on this and Bon Voyage!

    Auntie Teri

  3. You are so talented Michelle! Love your work! I want to sport my own one day! :)


  4. i love your bags...and your blog is a bit of an inspiration..thank you
    i was recently just laid off from my job as well and figured it would be the perfect time to start my own etsy shop.
    ps. i <3 your shop