Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dream Sewing Studio

It's been 2 months now living in Las Vegas. I know the strip will get old real quick, but it's still unbelievable to me that it's so close and accessible. I mean, it's like having Disney Land in your back yard almost. But I'm trying to manage my time there now, because I know I'll be there plenty this summer visiting friends who are in town.

Living with mom has its benefits; free rent, mom's creative input and free reign to change the whole garage into my new sewing studio! I've been working hard trying to put it all together. It's awesome to see my drawing plans become reality.

The walls are painted fuchsia and teal, Asian knick knacks and sewing books are on the shelving unit I installed. I turned mom's old dresser into a work table, drilled in Chinese drawer pulls for the storage closets and today I finished hanging various paper lanterns and umbrellas as my center piece lighting display. There are tall curtains to hide the water heater and laundry unit. And the couch, coffee table and TV in the room make it a real "woman's cave". I have yet to put up my inspiration board and I want to have a finished product area. I'm really excited about the new space and I could see myself spending hours in there!

Life is good!

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