Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Home

Hello Family and Friends,
My 5 months of traveling around the world has come to a temporary end. Towards the end of my travels I started missing the small luxuries, like... a comfy bed with no bed bugs and a dependable shower, that I found myself moving quickly just to get back home.

I've traveled to 3 continents, 13 countries, 26 cities, flew on 14 planes and slept in 19 different beds. I took part in the biggest tug of war, ate the stinky Durian fruit, got bit by a crazy monkey, received a Diver's certification, saw the Pope and became a lone traveler.

This experience has helped me learn so much about myself and just as important, learn about other cultures. A journey I'll always cherish and a goal I can claim, attained.

I'm now back in Las Vegas with mom to game plan what the next chapter in my life will be. I've been floating on the wind but I write my own destiny.

My blog is updated up to when I was in Florence. I am uploading pictures still

Please keep in touch and I hope you are all doing wonderful,

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