Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Within Ubud, Bali there is a monkey forest you must visit. It costs Rp 15.000 (or a little more than a $1.50) to get in to see the monkey sanctuary. Bananas are also sold inside the entrance so you could feed them. But as soon as you buy them, the monkeys grab at you for them, so be prepared.
A bigger monkey must have spotted the banana I was trying to hide. He hobbled over and jumped onto my leg! A little frightened, but still laughing, I tried to swing him off. But then HE BIT ME! I dropped the banana immediately, the monkey grabbed it and was off. I lifted my pant leg to inspect my thigh and luckily he just bruised the skin.
Monkeys were everywhere; scattered along the winding mossy path, in the trees along side us and hanging out on the low walls and pillars. They were picking fleas off each other’s backs, holding close the little baby monkeys and running around chasing after each other.
Cute little baby monkeys playing together and people holding out their hands to touch them.
There was an awesome stone dragon bridge that led over to a fountain under 2 very large stone iguana lizards. A creek below led beneath Banyan trees, with vines that came down from up above and took root. A great visit!


  1. Great adventure. Your safety tip on banana crazed monkeys will hopefully come to use someday. Keep posting, good stuff.

  2. Thanks Francisco! Those monkeys were no joke. I hope you can apply my tip someday, because then I'll know you'll have a wonderful experience in an exotic place!