Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

It's been 3 months of traveling and living out of a suitcase. We've spent the last couple of weeks relaxing in Belgium and the last couple of days I've been getting a little homesick. I miss my own belongings, my own bed, a bigger selection of clothes, my sewing machine and my dog Ruka.
The Christmas atmosphere has helped in making me feel back at home. The snow, Christmas trees and lights, great company, tons of food. I must have never had the opportunity because it was here that I went sledding for the first time, built a snowman for the first time and tried fondue for the first time! I also was able to get an embroidery lesson and boy was I missing sewing!! Oh I threw in a picture of me and my brother chatting through skype. I miss his comedy; he started "climbing" into the web cam like he was just being born and **angels sing** his shining face appears! Can you imagine? Love him!

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