Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kite Surfing at Kaichu Doro

My Bro and Dad had to work the last couple of days so Tim and I have been learning the bus system to get to a local Kite Surfing spot at Kaichu-Doro. We had to first decipher locations by matching the Japanese symbols on the maps.

Once on the bus, we take a numbered ticket  (ours was #24) that corresponded to a number on a board at the front of the bus. The cost of the ride grew like we were in a taxi cab!

Tim managed to get on with all of his Kite Gear.

A transfer and 740 Yen later we made it to our destination.


 This was a day after a typhoon, so conditions were just right for the Kite Surfers. But the winds washed up a lot of trash from the ocean. So sad :-(

Some locals came to bag up the washed up sea weed I'm guessing to eat.

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