Friday, September 25, 2009

Memory Lane of Tim Gunn in 2007

    Fashion has always been a major interest of mine, so when there was going to be a mock Project Runway at my works' next annual convention, I had to compete!
    5 people who were selected including myself from each of the dozen or so divisions. I was apart of the Women's Ready To Wear division who had a lot of pressure because the design had to be a women's dress.  We had an hour to create one dress pinned to a mannequin bodice using only materials provided and the whole process was filmed and edited to look like a reality show of Project Runway.
    Tim Gunn was actually a guest speaker at the event and was going to judge fashion designs by each divisional group. It was the most exciting convention our company has had. Clips of our "show" would play throughout the convention catching all the commotion behind the scenes. My favorite was of our team member Steve dressed as a transvestite wrapped up in yards of fabrics and a wig, giving an impromptu interview of how "she" designs for the World.
    Finally towards the end of the event, each group was interviewed by the panel of judges (CEO Robert Mettler, our Women's Fashion Director Tifani Wilt and of course Tim Gunn.) No doubt he was dealing with amatures and was going easy on us, but the competition was... quite fierce! Well, to the point I wouldn't be reminiscing on this exciting time in my life if we didn't win! The prize? A bobble head of Tim Gunn himself that I got signed!

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