Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walking the Beach to Find My Supplies

I took Daisy for a walk out on Ocean Beach in SF the other day and picked up a few Sand Dollars. They were perfect, hardly discolored and the one's I picked up were not broken. I brought them home and turned the prettiest one into the center piece of my next Origami Star Mobile.

Since my company is laying off and closing the SF offices, they were kind enough to provide us with Lee Hecht Harrison, a company who provides assistance to the newly unemployed with counselors, resources and classes to help you in areas such as resumes, interviewing and negotiating. Today I took the Entrepreneurship course. I wore to the class (like I wear everyday) my own Oribello Origami bag and was able to give an example of what I plan to turn into a business. It was great to hear advice from others who also sell their handmade goods. I realized that over the past 10 or so years I've been dreaming of oribello coming to fruition. I think having a mentor would be extremely helpful in structuring, organizing and executing my game plans. I've gotten some experience from school conceptualizing business ideas and creating presentation boards and since school, now have experience in the buying and planning offices of a department store, I now have to apply what I learned to my Oribello company.

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